Industrial scales

What variety! Here you will find your new drive-through scale for goods receipt checking, the counting scale for inventory use, the recipe scale for production and much more. Most of our scales – with their individual materials, dimensions and finishing – are made at our own factory in Germany.

Stainless steel scales

Hygiene is top priority for scales that are intended for use in the food and chemicals sector. Which is why ADE floor scales, wall-mounted scales, precision scales, etc. combine the very highest levels of quality in terms of design, usability and rock-solid precision. (M)ADE in Germany, naturally!


This line of scales is engineered at our own factory near Schwerin: steel weighbridges for both mobile and permanently-installed use, concrete HGV scales, axle and wheel load scales and track scales for rail vehicles. The assemblage is also completed in-house by ADE - the choice is yours.

Mobile scales

Anyone who moves goods from A to B needs a solution that combines weighing with transportation. The complete range of ADE mobile scales is the ideal answer: namely forklift truck scales, low-loader and high-bay scales, fork tine/fork carrier scales, pallet truck scales and many more ...

Crane and hanging scales

The sky is not the limit for our scales! Choose solid, precision technology from Germany – here in the form of electronic and hydraulic crane scales or digital and mechanical suspended scales.

Retail scales

These scales are the star of your store – usable with packaging systems or as standalone scales, they can also print receipts or labels and are, in short, the ideal retail scales. Also featuring the classic ADE fan-type scales: a must for any tea shop or confectioner\'s …

Laboratory scales

These scales are high-precision, microbalance models: analysis scales, semi-micro balances and precision scales for pharmacy and lab work. Also available: moisture analysers for determining the moisture content of materials, e.g. for use in the chemicals and food industries …

Digital Indicators

As standard, ADE supplies all industrial scales assembled and calibrated using the STAN (trade-approvable) display – the classic ADE indicator for key applications. This section also offers you a large selection of indicators for both simple and demanding weighing applications …


We\'re not just the experts when it comes to weighing equipment: we\'re also the right choice for peripherals that simplify your weighing workflows. Here we present you with just a small selection ... such as the dot-matrix/thermal printer for logging your weighing processes …

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