Industry, trade, retail, lab work – where does your business ...

Industry, trade, retail, lab work – where does your business weigh in? As individual as you and your business – the purpose-built scales from ADE. Yet our scales have one thing in common: their precision, usability and reliability. Dive into our wonderful world of scales: take your pick from check weighers, floor scales, counting scales, HGV scales, forklift truck scales, crane scales, retail scales, lab scales – and many more. And we also deliver scales accessories to match: indicators, printers, software and suitable accessories. .
Here we present you with just a selection from our product range. If you don't see the scales you are looking for, please contact us. After all: as Germany's leading scales supplier, we can offer you an appropriate and attractive quote on industrial scales for any professional application.


The wonderful world of scales technology: from traditional scales to our very latest models, we supply a complete portfolio of scales for modern weighing needs in industry, retail, trade and lab work. Our range extends from compact check weighers, includes purpose-built floor scale models and high-performance precision scales and is crowned by HGV scales for 80-tonne trucks.
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Display units from ADE ensure we cover the full range of weighing applications. The STAN10 and STAN30 series are suitable for simple weighing applications such as fill control or use as a counting terminal. The STAN60, STAN80 and STAN90 series are ideal for use as multipart dosage control, as differential dosing scales, as SQC weighing terminals (acc. to FPVO) and so on.
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When used in an industrial environment, a set of scales adds considerably more value if it is equipped with matching peripherals. Why not send your weighing results straight to the printer, for example? Or find out how you can boost efficiency by using our counting scales as part of a "traffic light" control system. 
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